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Our robo-platform

As a firm, we have committed to having no investment minimums, and here’s where we prove it to you. You can open an account with us and begin a Sustainable, Responsible and Impact investing portfolio with no minimums by clicking the buttons above or below. If you’re comfortable doing it yourself, just click one of the buttons, give us some information about your goals, objectives and risk tolerance, and you’ll be on your way! We’re here to help if you have questions, just give us a call, or click the “I need help” button to schedule some time with us to go through the process together.

These portfolios are managed by First Affirmative Financial Network and are comprised of 10-15 institutional class mutual funds dedicated to Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing while seeking to deliver market rate returns based on the risk you’re comfortable with. Additional faith based and fossil fuel free portfolios are available on request.

All clients on this tier are entitled to one financial planning session per year with no additional charge. Beyond this, we charge by the hour for our additional services, using the sliding fee scale on our services page.

$50,000 Minimum

Per account

We manage portfolios for clients based on the risk level you are comfortable with. These portfolios are managed in-house by Bob & Max, and participate in our impact targeting program, where our clients impact wishes are aggregated so that we can target impact themes that are important to all of our clients, in an attempt to deliver competitive risk-adjusted returns while also trying to create the change you want to see in the world. If that was confusing, don’t worry, we’ll talk about it!

There are 3 main differences between this tier and our robo-tier:

  • Transaction Pricing: We generally charge a management fee to manage investments, but at this level, there is also a $7.50 per trade cost, where as below this level, transaction costs are billed as a percentage of your account’s value. We find that this gives us greater control over the costs at this level while keeping pricing competitive for our smaller accounts.
  • Product Availability and Customization: While we want to treat our smaller accounts with the same level of care as our larger accounts, there are some capabilities that are not available below this level. Within our models, we have the ability to customize your investments to fit your values beyond the baselines we’ve set.
  • Other Services Included: every service listed on our Services page is included in the fees you pay us to manage your account, as much as you need us, whenever you need us.

$1,000,000 of Net Worth

Customized, Targeted Impact Investing

Clients who come to us with significant means have different concerns and different opportunities. Above this point we build custom portfolios or work with specialist money managers when clients have specific impact objectives or ethical screens to be employed in their accounts. We also source private deals for clients at this level who want to invest for both financial returns and the impact these companies have on the world. We can’t put information on these offerings online, as we’re not allowed to discuss them with people who can’t invest in them, but if you’re interested in high-impact investing, please schedule some time to discuss your goals!

Clients at this tier also generally require more advanced planning techniques, so we function as “financial quarterbacks”, coordinating your team of trusted advisers, working closely with your CPA, Attorney and others in an effort to make sure we’re not missing opportunities to be efficient and tactical, and to put the proper structures in place for asset protection, estate planning, and your other needs.