Financial Wellness Counseling Services

“Getting Your Financial House in Order”

The big question is, “Is anybody’s financial house really in order?” There are too many forces tugging at us; all of which seem to keep us from getting the job done.  There is always something more to do, and it can feel like you need to have specific knowledge on the subject, and that you have to learn a whole new language!  Worse yet, worry about money and finances can take a huge psychological and emotional toll on a person and a family. Both Bob & Max have a deep understanding of anxiety and the challenges that come with confronting these issues, and we’re here to help you get through them.

Studies have shown that in addition to causing depression, anxiety, and all sorts of health problems, these worries are extremely distracting and can be paralyzing. These studies define financial wellness programs as those that assess and support a person’s complete financial picture. At Common Interests, our goal is “Empowering Financial Wellness” and we’re flexible enough to work with you the way you’d prefer to work, no matter the size or scope of your needs, or where you are in life.

Financial Wellness Means Different Things At Different Points in life
  • Getting Started

    Just out of school and got your first job

  • Early Career

    You’re established and it’s time to start making a plan as you think about your family and the future.

  • Mid Career

    You’re established in your career and starting to look further to the future. Time to start thinking about what comes next.

  • Late Career

    You’re at the height of your earning potential, and it’s time to revisit the plan while you still have time to make changes. Are you on track?

  • Retirement

    Now it’s time to enjoy it! We can help as you move from the “Go-Go Years” to the “Slow-Go Years” to the “No-Go Years”

Because people often come to us ‘hurting’ from the issues associated with these subjects, and in order to avoid making the problems that bring you to us worse, we have developed two ways for us to work together: A la Carte and Asset Based Fees. A la Carte means that we will charge an hourly rate for our counseling using a sliding scale to set our fee based on your income and ability to pay. This method is best for clients who need our services for a single engagement, or to solve a limited set of issues that don’t require a financial product to solve, just our advice. If we earn a commission as the result of our work, you will never pay a fee.

Other times, clients come to us with assets to manage, which we generally do on a fee basis. Our management fee then covers our financial planning work. Our goal is the get the job done for you, not get rich from collecting fees!!

Fee Schedule

We’re committed to being a “no-minimum” firm, so we’ve developed this fee schedule to enable us to cover our overhead while still helping those who need our assistance, and because we never want you to feel like we have to sell a product to get paid. We view financial products as potential solutions to whatever brings you in the door. If a financial product is a suitable solution for your needs, and we earn a commission as a result of our work together, our fee is waived. We also have no minimums on our investment work, and this can, depending on the size of your accounts with us, waive our fee as well. We’d be happy to discuss this further, just click the link on the bottom right corner of this page to schedule an appointment!

Income               Hourly Fee*

$ 45,000                    $  75.00

$ 60,000                   $ 100.00

$ 100,000                  $ 125.00


(*Note: We reserve the right to determine the length of the hour. All hours start at 60 minutes, but we adopt Einstein’s’ theory that time is relative and some hours can actually be longer than others)