How do we “ESG”?

We talk a LOT about Environmental, Social and Governance data here, including how that data can be used to manage risk and some of the different ways that we as investors can use that data to align our clients’ investments with their values. Recently, I had a chance to sit down and talk with a pair of colleagues I’m proud to call friends and talk about our personal stories and the journey we’ve taken to understand and use this data. It was a fantastic conversation, and one that’s well worth a listen.

From the show notes: Investors and advisers are more interested than ever in putting their money to work to better the planet and the people living here. While there’s lots of talk about “making sure your money aligns with your values,” there’s very little talk about how to actually do so. Where does one find the data on environmental impact, carbon emissions, social justice, diversity, community impact, biodiversity protection (or harm) and all the other critical ESG metrics when making an investing decision? What does that data look like? How should one weigh those metrics against basic financials? In short, how does one actually go about ESG investing?

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