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New Thoughts = New Vocabulary!

There is an old saying, “If you put your ear to the ground” you can hear something coming.  This still applies, except the ‘ear’ is now mostly electronic!  In our business we need to stay very alert and follow all of the news that will impact our future.  Clearly , there are changes coming that […]

Our Planet is Gasping for Breath! Here’s a fourth remedy that just about everyone can execute!

The solution for this Blog is going to ask you to GET SMART! In this case you GET SMART by buying a SMART THERMOSTAT!  Thermostats are ‘Mission Control’ for space heating and cooling. Smart thermostats use algorithms and sensors to become more energy efficient over time, thus, lowering emissions.  Residential energy use for heating and […]

Our Planet is Gasping for Breath! Here’s a third remedy that we’re all becoming familiar with!

The  solution for this 3rd Blog has to do with our TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS. Why?  Because Project Drawdown states that “adding all of the transportation systems together they are responsible for 14% of the  greenhouse emissions!” Here is a list of the elements of transportation that Project Drawdown is concerned with: BICYCLE INFRASTRUCTURE, CARPOOLING, EFFICIENT AVIATION, […]

Has Covid 19 made you a Stay At Home Parent (SAHP)?

 Are you worried about returning to the workplace?    Check out this Stay At Home Parent Resume!   Basically, it shows the various SAHP skills you have acquired, but it does it in “Corporate Speak!” You will be amazed at what you see!  Anybody and everybody would hire this person!  Have some fun with this, use […]

Our Planet is Gasping for Breath; Here are some things that are already being done!

Issue # 1:  February, 2021 Abandoned Farmland Restoration   According to Project Drawdown, there are almost half a billion hectares of farmland that have been abandoned due to land degradation. More importantly, they estimate that by 2050 between 189 and 296 million hectares could be restored and converted to regenerative annual cropping. The result would […]