Has Covid 19 made you a Stay At Home Parent (SAHP)?

 Are you worried about returning to the workplace?  

 Check out this Stay At Home Parent Resume!   Basically, it shows the various SAHP skills you have acquired, but it does it in “Corporate Speak!” You will be amazed at what you see!  Anybody and everybody would hire this person!  Have some fun with this, use it to get that next great job, and let me know your thoughts! 

The story behind this resume is driven by my daughter’s desire to get back to work after raising her two sons. She was full of the normal angst about her very ‘rusty’ and, assumedly, non-existent workplace skills. 

In order to break this train of thought, I looked at what a parent does while managing the house and raising the kids, dug out the skills that this all takes, and put them into “Corporate-Speak” and turned them into ‘resume fodder!”  Below is the result.  It has actually turned a lot of people around, so that they can now feel good about themselves and realize the value they bring to the table!  My hope is that it will do so for you too.  Please feel free to tell me your story!

Click Here to read the resume!