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New Thoughts = New Vocabulary! Part 2

In the last Blog we talked about the New Economy as a driving force to redesign the capitalist system around environmental and social goals. The essence of this system of Stakeholder Capitalism can be seen in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as found on our website. The aim of the UN General Assembly’s resolution […]

New Thoughts = New Vocabulary!

There is an old saying, “If you put your ear to the ground” you can hear something coming.  This still applies, except the ‘ear’ is now mostly electronic!  In our business we need to stay very alert and follow all of the news that will impact our future.  Clearly , there are changes coming that […]

Calling all public servants – the break you’ve been waiting for on your student loans is HERE.

Continuing our work to create a more inclusive financial system

As part of our continued effort to move the financial services industry in a more sustainable direction, I had the pleasure of participating in eMoney’s “That Makes Cents” podcast. eMoney is our financial planning & client portal partner, and I was proud to collaborate with them in our shared mission to bring financial advice into […]

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