As part of our continued effort to move the financial services industry in a more sustainable direction, I had the pleasure of participating in eMoney’s “That Makes Cents” podcast. eMoney is our financial planning & client portal partner, and I was proud to collaborate with them in our shared mission to bring financial advice into historically underserved communities, and it was a real pleasure to reconnect with the other participants, many of whom I’d presented with at eMoney’s virtual advisor summit last year.

It was an honor to be on the season finale of this podcast, and to speak about the work we’re doing to democratize access to financial planning, and Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing. As we work to make our firm welcoming and inclusive to all who need our services, it is our hope that other financial advisors will be able to learn from our example and build the values of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion into their practices as well.

As with most podcasts, this was a pretty wide ranging conversation, but here are a couple of the things we covered, along with some links to those parts of the conversation if you’re interested in a specific topic.

  • 5:30 Why financial advice needs to be offered to everyone
  • 16:00 What advisors can do to make themselves more trustworthy (including a conversation about our B Corp Certification)
  • 25:00 How technology is making it easier to provide financial advice to underserved populations (and specifically, how we use technology to make time in our practice to focus on financial planning)
  • 32:55 Ways for advisors to do more pro bono planning

In case you prefer an audio only version of the podcast, we’ll embed a soundcloud version below. This should be available wherever you get your podcasts, but to make your life easier, here are links to a few of the bigger podcast distribution platforms:

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